BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, black
BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, black
BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, grey
BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, grey
BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, grey
BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag, grey

BRISQ Headless Guitar Bag

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BRISQ is a gig bag designed specifically for the minimalist who likes to be compact and packs only what they need for the gig. The BRISQ series is designed to be light-weight, while still featuring all the premium quality materials, padding, and construction that makes it safe and easy to carry anywhere.
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Interior dimension


- Abrasion-resistant water-repellent fabric.
- Firm padded interior for maximum protection.
- Large volume exterior pockets.
- Stress-free carrying experience.
- Quick Pull system for quick packing and loading.



6-strings guitar, 7-strings guitar, 8-strings guitar
Leia 6-7 strings guitar, Zeus 6-7 strings guitar, Osiris 6-8 strings guitar, Vader 6-8 strings guitar


Customer Reviews

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David Peebles
Perfect match

I've got a Strandberg Boden Original 8, and I've always felt the standard bag that comes with it to be a little too tight of a fit. This bag supports my Boden incredibly well and makes storing extra items a breeze. Highly recommend if you've got a Boden 8!

Great bag


Rodrigo Mancebo Lima
Great Soft Case

It‘s not only a beautiful bag, bit also made to perfection.
I’m really glad that I found Basiner online!
There are not much bags for headless guitars, and you guys thought about everything!


Bob P
My favorite gig bag!

This is the nicest gig bag I've ever used! I bought this for my GOC headless guitar, and the bag easily fits everything I need. With the optional organizer it fits my toolkit, strap, strings, laptop and tuner with room to spare!

Although there are few options for gig bags that are designed for headless instruments, the Basiner is extremely well thought-out, and it looks great!

Thick side downward to fit symmetrical guitar body.

Thin side downward to fit dissymmetrical guitar body.