We always love new ideas and creations that can be implemented into our daily life. We've known that fun or interesting things could come out by just a simple idea. Therefore, we always feel excited to embrace that surprise of randomness.

If you got some cool ideas for the CO-BRANDING PROJECT. We are all ears.


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basiner ✕ .strandberg*

Since late 2016, basiner has been collaborating with .strandberg* and teamed up to produce the .strandberg*Xbasiner VITALGRIP™ Guitar Strap-the best strap for the .strandberg* guitars. The length of the strap is designed for the.strandberg* guitars according to its rear strap button placed higher than most standard guitars.

basiner ✕ FAT

FAT is the experienced team that has professional audio engineering techniques in the field and is devoted to pursuing for the perfect sound. 

FAT and we share the similar values that we both demand for every detail and pursue for excellence. Thus, we're collaborated to design basiner X FAT limited guitar bags.

basiner ✕ Invisible Stone

It is our pleasure to collab with Invisible Stone to make such gig bag that you might never seen before, we use the reflective fabric to make this gig bag much cooler and keep you safe in the dark.

With these unique materials, basiner ✕ Invisible Stone guitar bag turns out to not only have your guitar well protected but also catch everyone's eye when you carry it.


We'd love to team up with you for co-branded products, send us a message if If you got any good ideas. Through this project, hope we could bring some good stuff into music industry together.

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