basiner was born from two friends who have separate passions but converge their passions due to the reason that they want to improve musicians' performances by optimizing musical products.

We never forget those moments that how basiner was born and have developed till nowadays. The brand of baisner was happened to create when a guitarist who couldn’t find a guitar bag to meet his needs chatted with his friend specializing in industrial design and having a background in luggage and bag design, thus, the outline of the brand concept became clear. After hundreds of hours of research and dozens of samples and prototypes, the first gig bag was eventually come out and fulfilled the idea.

Our team is from Taiwan and lives in Taipei city which is basin terrain. We considered the bowl-shaped basin as a symbol that can unite musical energy resonating with others and inspire them through music. Also, we want to explore and reach more music lovers in the rest of the world to construct our universal community that embrace all music genres . That’s why we decided to name our company after the concept – basiner.

Since its founding in 2013, basiner has still firmly believed that we’re not only a product company but the company that encourages and inspires people to live musically. Therefore, our mission is to design products that blend utility and style for people who listen to, make and use music every day.

May you stay with your original intention and live musically.