Black Camo ACME Series electric bass bag obverse displayed
Black Camo ACME Series electric bass bag side displayed
Black Camo ACME Series guitar bag is back-side displayed with shoulder straps
Guitar bag covered with tailored-made black rain cover
Black Camo ACME series guitar bag displays all the exterior pockets opened with accessories stuffed inside

ACME EB 貝斯袋 - Black Camo

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台灣區域購買結帳, 請點此處


*由於本產品為半軟袋且因人為測量方式不同,誤差值介於± 1英吋為合理範圍。



- 獨家開發抗磨防潑水的高品質布料。
- 調整式琴頸雙枕綁定系統。
- 厚實的內襯軟墊提供極佳保護力。
- 大容量口袋。
- 減壓舒適的揹負體驗。
- ACME專用雨衣。



Fender P bass, J bass
Music Man Stingray, Bongo, Sterling
Fodera Monarch, Emperor, Yin Yang


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Everything I want, it has!

A very light bag but also give you strong protection for your instruments.
Also lots of space you can literally put everything you need in this bag(notebook, Pad, lots of pedals, core...).
It is the bag you can rely on it.

Cheng-Kai Hsu

This bag is just what I wanted: strong protection/easy to organize stuff with a stylish/unique design.

The official website just some brief introductions those are attractive. After I got this bag and started using it, to practice or to perform, I found the bag is a lot more than I expected and I'm impressed.

First of all, the protection. You can feel and realize the wall is thick and strong. Dual Brace Neck System can secure and fix your bass well and ensure it will stay where it should be. The DBNS really solves my problem. I used MONO Sleeve for my Spector 5 strings for 4 years. However, I always have concerns about the head and neck. Sleeve can fix/secure the neck for sure but Spector's head is a bit tilted so the space for my bass is a bit small and too tight on head. In short, ACME does a great job for me.

Another thing I like the ACME bag is the capability to organize. I mean, every bag has pockets to put your stuff in. For ACME, it's not just put them in, ACME allows you to organizes and fixes your stuff in those pockets. Like the small design for cables and multiple pockets, very useful and practical. Brilliant ideas.

The design and color also makes me feel good as well. When carrying the bag to a show performing, especially seeing 70% bags are Mono's in the back stage or resting room, I know I'm different. :)

I haven't found anything not good on this bag. For a growing brand of Asia and Taiwan, I'd love to see Basiner getting bigger and stronger. Never regret buying ACME gig bag at all. Go Basiner!







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